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Videos With Real Models To Promote Your Print-on-Demand Store at Low Cost

Videos With Real Models To Promote Your Print-on-Demand Store at Low Cost

If you have a new Print-on-demand online store and you need to promote your products on social media, there will come a time when you will be faced with the need to create promotional videos for your store’s products.

But and now? It’s certainly an extra cost that many print-on-demand gurus “forget” to mention. Having to pay photographers and models was certainly something that the reader, a beginner entrepreneur in the wanderings of Print-on-demand, was not expecting. Well then, don’t be discouraged. In this article I will introduce you to the perfect solution to create daily promotional videos for your online Print-on-demand store at a very low cost.

An Online Platform With Customizable Videos: Meet PlaceIt

If you are looking for a cheaper solution to having to hire models and photographers, then PlaceIt is exactly what you need.

On PlaceIt you have thousands of videos with models whose clothes, and accessories are customizable with your designs, just as if you were customizing a mockup in your Print-on-demand supplier for your product page.

The big difference is that, instead of being photo mockups, with a white or transparent background, intended only for product pages, they are mockups in real life environments, with real models, which can be, not only photos, but also in videos.

Yes, motion videos, where you can customize the designs of the clothes that the models are wearing or accessories that they are using, like their mugs, for example.

Why PlaceIt?

Because, as I already mentioned, the cost of a monthly fee for PlaceIt pays you much more than having to pay photographers and models. Also, if you’re worried about repeating videos or templates, fear not. PlaceIt’s customizable videos and photos are updated daily, often giving you new backdrops and templates to promote on your social media.

Furthermore, when you are not satisfied, you can unsubscribe at any time.


PlaceIt is undoubtedly the best alternative to create promotional photos and videos for your store’s products or even to improve the presentation of your product pages. Take a look, explore and you’ll probably love it like I do.

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