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The Concept of This Site – Prepare Yourself for the Unconventional

O Conceito deste Site - Prepare-se para o Não-Convencional

Welcome dear reader. This is my personal website. My name is Luís Rodrigues Neves, hence the abbreviation for LR Neves. I find it easier as a website, and personally, I like it. I think it will have more impact for you, reader. It sounds like a stage name for those famous writers who start with initials, like JK Rowling (laughs). Moving forward.

In this space I intend to share with you my most outstanding experiences in terms of Personal Development and Trading and Investments in Financial Markets.

I don't want you to follow any of my tips strictly or to the letter. Do as you feel comfortable for yourself. Learn at your own risk, falling and getting up, just as I did.

Here I intend to show you some paths that are different from what you have seen in most educational sites, whether in the scope of personal development or in the scope of trading and investments in financial markets.

But as I say, just show you paths, open mental doors. Sharing with you things that worked for me, self-taught, that I learned here and there, but never in one place.

The most powerful things I learned was when I realized that most of what many of these sites “teach” or show, or preach, didn't work in the real world.

Many don't even bother to write anymore, that's the truth. They just copy content that comes from other sites, give it two or three pronoun changes, make the texts “their own” and publish it.

Here my commitment is to be genuine and write things myself based on the conclusions I drew about courses from, for example, forex courses I took, but there it is, based on the conclusions (my own) and not what they teach .

Imagine a martial arts master, who learns a martial art, practices it, but then discovers he can bend it, improve it, make it more effective, and later abandons the master by creating his own style, as for example, did Bruce Lee.

So, yes, get ready to read about a new way, or a different way of approaching either life or the financial markets. A new, different style. Sounds good to you?

So stay around. Good things on the way. And grateful to have you here.

L. R. Neves

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