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How to Go Viral on Social Media in 2023: Revolutionary Tool

How to Go Viral on Social Media in 2023: Revolutionary Tool

Nowadays, one of the most important things for your success, either as a digital entrepreneur or for your company that wants to expand its horizons in the online universe, is very important that, somehow, your content manages to go viral and reach large audiences.

In this article, I will give you a very important tip on how to go viral on social media in 2023.

Why Go Viral?

Going viral is the key for your company, business, online venture, or even your personal brand or page to reach infinite customers.

You can have the best product in the world, and you can even be the best seller in the world, but if you don’t have an audience to exercise your advanced sales techniques, you will never achieve success.

Believe me, even the most eloquent and persuasive seller would be successful in a closed and isolated room from the world, unless, of course, that room had a computer and internet connection.

Using Miracle Tools Like AI

In these times, with fierce competition and the impressive speed with which evolution on the internet occurs, even more so now with the massification of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it becomes essential to use these tools to also enter the race of high-speed, so that we are not outdone by the competition and so that our business can reach infinite customers.

If you follow content creators on social media, you may have noticed that some videos end with a request for you to interact with them. They usually end the video by asking you to comment with a word like “I want” or “yes” so that they “send you a message” with a link to an “offer”.

Do you really think they would take the trouble to send thousands of messages in response to the hundreds of thousands of followers who reply “I want”? Of course. They are using a tool that automates responses with artificial intelligence. One of the most used tools is ManyChat.

How to Use ManyChat

As mentioned, ManyChat is a tool that, using artificial intelligence, provides answers to its followers, using “trigger” words in the comments. Thus, whenever someone comments on a certain word established by you, that person will receive a message with what you intend to send personally to your followers, be it a simple instructional message, or a link to download a PDF, for example.

Advantages of Using ManyChat

We know very well that social media algorithms love interaction, so by making your customers comment on a certain word to receive something on offer, you will be increasing the engagement of your content and that will make it go viral. I wanted a solution to go viral, I just gave it to you, and it’s called ManyChat.

And not only, through messages you have much more freedom, whether it is to send links (for example affiliate) to your followers, but also direct links to buy your products, whether digital or physical, something you cannot, for example, do in the description of your posts, often having to forward your followers to the link in bio.

Well, with ManyChat, forwarding your potential customers to the link in the bio is a thing of the past, instead, increase the engagement of your posts and send the links directly by message to potential interested parties.


It is not the infallible formula to go viral, but it is undoubtedly a revolutionary tool in the world of digital marketing, as it automates tasks that would take a lot of time, thus giving you the freedom to focus your energies on other types of activities and then be able to further enhance the success of your brand.

Meet ManyChat today.

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