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The things that I, founder of the site, Luís Rodrigues Neves (LR Neves) share here, are my personal experiences, in the financial markets and in life, within the scope of my own personal development as a human and Trader. Which I use for myself, as solid principles in life and in trading. What works for me may not work for you. All human beings have a different set of values from each other, like a fingerprint. So if your belief system, if your values, in any way differ from mine, what I say in the articles on this site will make no sense to you.

Please consider the content on this site as educational only and not as professional advice for making financial decisions. Not even I (and to be honest with you, no professional) will be able to guarantee you returns in the future.

Financial Markets traded in the form of CFD's are high risk leveraged products that can increase both profit and loss potential. You can lose all your capital.

If in any way you are risk averse, immediately leave this site and any and all attempts or thoughts you may have of making money in the financial markets. There are ways and strategies to make money more securely.

Anyone who walks in this, like me, speaks only by inspiration that comes from within, divine inspiration, pure passion, pure love. Please do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose.