To Start Investing Today With Just $20. Is it Possible?

One of the main reasons people don't want to invest is the idea that it takes a huge amount of money.

My answer to that will be short, clear and concise. Yes. It is possible to start investing with $20. Are we going to get rich with $20? No. At least not now.

The concept of investing is a brother to the saving of collecting money. Add the risk to it, and you have a chance to save money while you make it grow.

Imagine that you make a living from your work and that the amount you can set aside is precisely 20 dollars. Now imagine that you don't invest that money. Just have it saved. If you do it every weekend for a year, it will be 20 dollars vs the 12 months a year has. That's 240 dollars, right?

Very well. The problem is, there is something called inflation. But not the inflation that the government “sells” you when it presents a state budget. I speak of another inflation. Real inflation, which is verified on a daily basis, with the constant and indiscriminate increase in prices by company owners.

For the record, in case you haven't noticed, inflation is just that, translated into kids. The consequent increase in prices which then causes a devaluation of money. In other words, what you buy today for $240, you probably won't be able to buy it a year from now.

That said, the value of your $240, if you leave them there without investing them, they will constantly devalue and you will lose purchasing power, even if you keep the money there.

That's why it's important that you start investing. And start investing today. And when I say investing, it doesn't need to be in the financial markets, but in any other area where you can at least double that money in good time to escape inflation.

And one thing you'll notice as soon as you start saving money and investing is that at the end of the month, you'll always have money. Unlike those days near the end of the month when the 20th or 25th arrived and there wasn't even money for coffee. Once you have money together and invest it, this problem will rarely exist.

For this reason, you will soon notice changes in your life. Why? Because you've already made a big change in your excessive spending habits yourself. You will now have created one of the healthiest and most essential habits there is. The habit of saving money and investing it. Make it grow so that it won't be eaten by inflation when the price of meat rises again by 25%.

But the answer to this article's essential question, is it possible to start investing today, in the financial markets? And the answer is a round yes. Yes, you can. In the following articles I will explain how you can do this, but I will have to create some articles first where I will talk about the things you need to know before starting to invest.

Grateful to have you there.

L. R. Neves

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